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Slazenger is one of the longest established sporting brands in the world with almost 150 years of global presence, on playing fields and major sporting arenas across the world in tennis, cricket, hockey and golf.

In 1902 Slazenger was appointed the official tennis ball supplier for Wimbledon, a partnership that is over a century old and stands as the longest running sporting sponsorship in history.

Today, Slazenger continues to be a major international sports brand synonymous with performance, style and expertise.

Slazenger watch & eyewear collections are everlasting, sporty, stylish and modern to be used in daily life. The Slazenger watch collections reflect the young, energetic, colorful and sporty spirit of the brand.

In urban life, it is necessary to act quickly and dynamically like an athlete and not to compromise on style. Slazenger watch & eyewear collection are designed with these needs in mind. High quality handmade models fit perfectly into every face shape thanks to the springs on the handles.